By design Talis Elements is infused with the spirit of collaboration, not competition. We’re all chasing a dream, and I truly believe there is room enough for all of us. It feels good putting that out into the universe.

Regardless of where your business is in the world, or if you’re a fledgling designer or a well-established brand – we want to unite people with amazing energy, a shared worldview, and exceptional talent to showcase their jewelry and accessories.

Sustainable and ethical business practices have always been the True North for our team, so current and future collaborations are focused around combining design and innovation, with humane and environmentally sustainable origins for all our products.

Our partnerships are not all about jewelry, but they are focused around gemstones. We recently teamed up with renown for its quality and designs, NYC-based Bounkit Jewelry. Another amazing brand with whom we are collaborating now, Gemstone Organic, operates outside of the jewelry industry but focused on organically pure, gem-infused products. Working with both companies, Talis Elements aims to create capsule lines and complimenting products aligned with our aesthetics. With several more exciting collaborations in the works, we promise you will always have something new and unexpected to discover - new designer collaborations, limited edition pieces, web exclusives and more.

So, for all jewelry, gems and beauty lovers - Stay tuned for exiting news of 2020!

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Founder Image Since establishing his company in 2006, Hassan Bounkit has instantly emerged as a favorite designer amongst the fashion editors, celebrities and A-listers around the globe, including Oprah Winfrey, Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek, Iman, Brooke Shields, Lily Collins and many others. After almost fifteen years in operations, and multiple appearances in publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper Bazaar and more, Mr.Bounkitfirmly believes in continuous evolvement of jewelry designs through collaboration and co-branding with emerging, young brands. He is interested in co-designing outside of the established boundaries, defining a new jewelryniche and pushing the world of luxury jewelry towards a whole new direction.

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Founder Image Debra is the founder and Chief Alchemist of Gemstone Organic Skincare. Her love of the earth goes back to her childhood collecting rocks in the gravel pits of northern Minnesota. She nurtured her organic lifestyle over the years and when she became a mother, her deep love for all that nature offered in plants, gemstones and spirituality grew. In addition to her devotion to holistic healing Debra also found her love for science and mathematics, leading her to pursue a degree in Geological Engineering...a beautiful bridge between science and nature. Her passions for both science and holistic health led her to develop her advanced earth-based formulas and the magic was born! Debra handcrafts each batch in ceremony to bring you the energetic vibration of the gemstones and her love, gifting you with inner and outer beauty through her magical trifecta of plant, water and mineral. Debra is a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and skilled leader inside ceremony.