Bestiare Precieux: About Collection:

Life is symbolic. Start Interpreting…
Talis Elements collection Bestiare Precieux jewelry line takes a radically authentic approach to creating jewelry steeped in the millennia-old traditions of using cross-cultural mix of symbols to convey ideas, values and the feelings of the owner while wearing the jewelry.

Each piece of Talis Elements jewelry is handcrafted and unique, created by artisans from the far corners of the world in collaboration with Talis Elements team.

Bestiare Precieux is a debut collection, built around the brand’s core offering of flexible, coiled bracelets most often bearing the head and tail of signature talisman beings: dragons, serpents, lions, octopi, and more. Each talisman is handcrafted in .925 sterling silver, with exclusive offerings featuring 22K gold and/or assorted gemstones such as black diamonds, emeralds, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli and more. The hand-stitched bracelets feature exotic, locally, and mindfully sourced luxury materials, including from regionally overpopulated (never endangered) stingray, lizard, iguana, snakeskin, ostrich, and few more. Additional collections will be added in 2020, along with a bevy of brand extensions echoing Talis Elements’ “lifestyle without borders” ethos.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Dragons

"None of the animals is so wise as the dragon. His blessing power is not a false one. He can be smaller than small, bigger than big, higher than high, and lower than low." Chinese scholar Lu Dian (AD 1042-1102)

Few creatures revered across all cultures and generations as much as dragons. The symbol of the Dragon links the masculine principle of heat, fire, light, and action, with the feminine principle of coolness, darkness, and repose. Dragons are believed to be lucky, so jewelry with dragons is often work worn as a good luck charm.

Dragon jewelry is worn by those who seek inner strength, ability to lead, and inspire others by demonstrating intense clarity of purpose. Combined with the sense of purpose, growth, and development that characterizes dragons, Dragon symbol is a representation of spiritual perfection and great luck, empowering its wearer to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Serpents

“Don't forget the serpent... it should be on every finger and all wrists... the serpent is the motif of the hours in jewellery... we cannot see enough of them”. Diana Vreeland (1968) Serpents (or snakes) is one of the world’s oldest, most known images, symbolizing protective spirit and eternity. Intriguing in its duality, serpents are both feared and revered, representing a variety of meanings in different cultures. Known as a favorite symbol of Cleopatra, symbolizing wisdom, transformation, and physical appeal, snakes became one of the most iconic jewelry designs after the 19th century when Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with a stunning continuous snake ring, which signified everlasting love for eternity.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Shield

“For an impenetrable shield, stand inside yourself”. Henry David Thoreau
It is known that in ancient history, classic shield conveys or represents the symbol of protection. Jewelry from Shield collection represents strength, well-controlled strength, feeling of being grounded as well as protection & safety, thus helping its wearer to achieve a calm, focus state of mind while continue to reflect a perfect fusion of personal style and unique, trendy accessories.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Claw

“…and still I rise”. Maya Angelou
The Claw collection often appeals to those with a tremendous capacity for survival, renewal, and perseverance. Despite the sharp look, the symbology of the claw can be described by the famous quote by Winston Churchill: “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” Those who choose jewelry from Claw collection are not often aware of their inner strength, which, when brought forward, helps the person achieve amazing things.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Octopus

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Yves Cousteau
As a creature of the water, the Octopus holds animal symbolism pertaining to qualities related to those of Water signs. Emotion, Intuition, Adaptability, and Creativity are some of the well-known attributes associated with this deep-water creature. Octopus is well attuned to those who are most comfortable at or seek being grounded while striking a perfect balance with increased imagination and creativity. Limbs of Octopus were a long-known symbol of being able to disengage from the danger and served as gifts of luck and protection in the ancient designs. Eight limbs of octopus help further underline positive symbolic imagery of Octopus, further accentuated by number eight that deals with a positive turnaround in business, success, and wealth.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Lion

“A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man” – Turkish Proverb
Lion jewelry appeals to those who seek strength, wisdom, and power of this centuries-old symbol. This is a perfect talisman for those who never seek commotion or trouble on its own but merely prepared to face what lies ahead with dignity and honor. The energy of Lion helps encourage its wearer to do what’s right, to share its conviction with others, and push forward without quitting. It’s perfect jewelry both in personal and business styling, building a unique combination of inner strength, preparing one to outlast and outsmart the competition and lead without fear.

Bestiare Precieux Jewelry: Crocodile

“The crocodile cannot turn its head. Like all science, it must always go forward …” Pyotr Kapitsa.
Just like this ancient symbol, those who choose to wear jewelry with an image of a crocodile, have deep primal instincts of survival, and protectiveness of those they deem close. The wearers of his symbol possess deep intuitive feelings about what is the most crucial focus in their life should be, and nothing can deter them from the path. For crocodiles, nothing compares to the strength of its spirit and own convictions. If you seek an extra boost of energy to move forward without noticing any challenges that may surround you, Crocodile jewelry is a. perfect choice. Often worn on the right ‘ruling’ hand, it will help you sometimes navigate even deep and murky waters on the way to your goal.

Sedimentary: About Collection:

Sedimentary Collection is all about the beauty of the gemstones. A choice of a gem may have a profound effect on the specific circumstances of its wearer. Gemstones are well known for their positive impact on personal fulfillment, success, love, happiness, and health, the five properties that seem universally relevant.

A carefully chosen gem can help a person to get back on track, renew one’s energy, and remove any blockages from one’s journey.

Talis Elements. Find your perfect TALISman.

Metamorph: About Collection:

This collection is about the unlikely fusion of materials, gems, and metals, which creates a unique piece perfectly in tune with the personality and style traits of its owner. There is subtle telepathy between a piece of jewelry and a person, creating an emotional link and fusing to achieve the unique, unusual yet perfect metamorphic combination.