By design Talis Elements is infused with the spirit of collaboration, not competition. We’re all chasing a dream, and I truly believe there is room enough for all of us. It feels good putting that out into the universe.

The best way to stay true to that intention is to not only design our own signature jewelry collections produced by artisans across the world, but also to highlight the journeys of other designers, like me, who want to leave their mark through creation and beauty. And for you, jewelry, gems and beauty lovers, we promise you will always have something new and unexpected to discover - new designer collaborations, limited edition pieces, web exclusives and more.

Staying true to our promises, we begin our collaboration journey with introducing products that contain one of our most adored subjects – GEMS.

For all those who wish to try Radically Holistic Beauty with Gemstone Essence, we discovered a pure magic in a jar. Creams filled with both nutrients and healing gemstone properties that our skin craves all year round are like dreams-come-true for all beauty and gems addicts like myself.

All facial products are hand-crafted with love by skincare visionary and alchemist, Debra Haugen. Just like our Jewelry, every product we will introduce to you receive has been handcrafted from ingredients to ceremony, with the intention of becoming healing medicines for you and your skin. All the creams are USDA Certified Organic, Vegan/Cruelty Free and prepared with the use of individually picked crystals and gemstones.

Enjoy Pure Magic in the Jar!!!