Do you believe in healing benefits of water? We are all told that we should be drinking at least 8 glasses per day, but for many it feels like a hard work. What if the water was infused with gems? Would it make it easier to consume the amount of water required, a bit more fun and even a little tastier if you could also benefit from the healing power of gemstones? Not to mention drinking from the bottle that looks and feels like a jewel itself!

So, whether you are health-conscious wellness enthusiast or a jewelry lover – transform a mundane task into a healthy, beautiful and unique experience!

Welcome GEM-WATER. Practiced for Millennia. Perfected by VitaJuwel.

The use of gems to vitalize water is a traditional art dating from Ancient Greece and practiced for millennia. Recently, this age-old tradition has been rediscovered and tailored for the modern world.

Gemstones have the unique ability to store energy. It’s a property that makes quartz watches work, for example! Each type of gem, by nature, has a unique energetic charge. The gems inside VitaJuwel vials transfer their energy to the water that surrounds the vial improving the water’s vitalization level.

What is your intention?

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Gem Water Bottles