Every piece of jewelry from Talis Elements is made by hand and finished with a unique texture and appearance that deserves to be cared for. We use various materials in our jewelry – leather, silver, gold, a fusion of metals, wood, and more. Regardless of the material, we recommend removing any of your jewelry pieces before swimming, bathing, or strenuous physical activity.

Our leather pieces are pre-treated to protect against damage that can be caused by natural elements; however, we recommend removing all jewelry before any prolonged exposure to chlorine or excessive sun. Soap can cause a film to form on the leather making it appear dull and dingy, and concentrated chlorine can affect the leather’s luster and durability. Prolonged exposure to sun rays, combined with any sun sprays, may alter the color of the leather. The nature of the effect is not unpredictable and depends on the specific chemicals that come in contact with the leather.

When conditioning leather, you should use a conditioner that contains fats and natural oils and avoid conditioners that contain petroleum products. Conditioning should only be done occasionally because, as the leather ages, the quality of the jewelry will start to deteriorate. Only polish your jewelry if you want to achieve a shinier, more elegant appearance. Before adding the polish to the entire area piece of leather jewelry, make sure to test a small area. You’ll first want to ensure that the polish isn’t going to clog the leather pores and that it’s not going to transfer from the leather to your clothing.

Silver jewelry naturally tarnishes over time. The level of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs depends on the skin and care habits of the wearer. We recommend a light polishing of your silver pieces with a soft cloth. If any of your silver jewelry require deeper cleaning, please use lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush. Finish with a polishing with a soft cloth to prevent the natural process of tarnishing. Please note, most of our silver pieces are oxidized – so please do not overclean!

To prevent damage to your gold jewelry, we recommend storing it safely away from other pieces to avoid unnecessary scratches, as gold is a naturally soft metal. To avoid discoloration, we also recommend keeping it away from harsh chemicals such as cleaning or beauty products.

Diamonds are well known for their hardness on the Mohs scale, but they’re still susceptible to chips or cracks when knocked. Proper care should be taken to avoid harsh contact when worn. Diamonds can easily be cleaned using a small amount of liquid soap mixed with hot water. Dry your diamonds using a lint-free cloth to remove any dirt and grease and bring back their shine.

Emeralds tend to be ultra-delicate stones. Using warm, soapy water and very delicate brushing is the safest way to clean them.

Rubies and other gems
Rubies and other porous gemstones, like amber, turquoise, opals, and pearls, can be stained by oils or liquids. For this reason, it’s essential to avoid prolonged contact with face creams, lotions, and household chemicals. Wash your porous gemstones in lukewarm water and polish them with a lint-free soft cloth.

General Cleaning
If you think that the leather or stones on your jewelry need cleaning, spot clean where needed with a damp cloth. Polish your silver or gold with a jewelry polishing cloth for the best results. You can use a svelte, but the professional polishing cloths are the best.