Craftsmanship and Design One of the goals of Talis Elements is to create compelling, eco-friendly, sumptuous and trendy jewelry that covers all price points and can be worn from morning into the evening.

By working with artists globally, we ensure that our designs apply a narrative of art history relevant to the specific part of the world. Together with artisans we collaborate, Talis Elements aims to show that jewelry is much more than a decorative adornment. We bring together ancient symbology, tribal motives, technology and ‘old’ traditional methods of making the jewelry.

Working with local crafters, Talis Elements goal is to preserve original artisanal traditions and highlight a manufacturing process that is both environmentally friendly, and beneficial to local communities. We want to present jewelry that conveys a hidden message, captivating audience through visual story about the culture and symbology and personal story of its wearers.

We want to highlight the jewelry that can impact and redefine the established world of luxury accessories, making it less about expensive materials and more about social impact; carrying a compelling story told without using the words, woven within the design and ethical sourcing during production process.

Our Leathers

Our Leathers

As we also work with leather jewelry, the tanning process we apply recycles water and uses non-artificial, ecologically safe colors. We ask that our partners and manufacturers adhere to environmentally sustainable tanning processes aligned with traditional local practices.