Our Philosophy

Luxury. Style. Individuality.

Talis Elements seeks to empower and inspire, while giving you an opportunity to explore your bright and dark sides. In short, we’re talking about radical acceptance of all of your inner you's. Each and every one of you has a story to tell. We encourage you to embrace that story of yours while letting Talis Elements guide you, so that you can access your intuition with ease.

Our aim is not simply to be just another jewelry brand, but rather give you a unique experience – a “celestial key” if you will – to unlock your full potential. The love we share for our brand revolves around our beloved customers. Each and every one of you inspires us here at Talis Elements to maximize our own full potential. This way, we can tap into our intuition to feel into your needs, so that we can provide you with the perfect talisman.

Oh yes, and while our heads may get lost in the cosmos from time to time (because, you know, we are obsessed with happy stories, dragons, myths and lore), we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We just like to play in other realms from time to time, and we expect nothing less from you. 

In the Spirit of Selflessness…

While we understand and fully embrace the appeal behind adorning oneself in pretty things that are on-trend, we also believe in giving back to the community. It’s a large part of our ethos here at Talis Elements, and we feel it’s the only way to receive the abundance that this big, blue planet has on offer. We’re a cause-driven brand, and every time you purchase a Talis Jewelry talisman of your own, you’re making a contribution to one of the many causes we support. 

As activists ourselves, we donate a significant portion of our own time to various community outreach programs surrounding issues like human trafficking and women’s rights, among others. We’re also actively involved in LBGTQ rights across the globe, and we support a variety of gender equality and female entrepreneurship initiatives.