Talis Elements delivers an unparalleled authenticity to the concept of personal jewelry, allowing wearers to ‘shop by intention’ – providing an energy-charged opportunity to proactively unlock their truest potential and fulfill their innermost desires.

Talis Elements takes a radically authentic approach to creating talisman jewelry steeped in the millennia old traditions of the world’s earliest societies. The jewelry correlates to each individual’s unique journey through symbolic representation and connection to the individual’s archetype.

With a designedly international approach to bring the world closer through business acumen and commerce, Talis Elements designs and seeks out production artisans from the far corners of the world, who live remotely and largely without ways to showcase their talents. Each piece of Talis Elements jewelry is handcrafted and unique, created and purified on some of the world’s most utopian paradise islands including Bali – otherwise known as the “Island of the Gods.”

Each totally unique piece of contemporary jewelry is deeply rooted in the brand ethos of ‘style without borders’. We believe in collaboration, not competition. This is bigger than business – we try and bring a larger global meaning and spiritual purpose to all that we do.

Natalie personally travels the globe to meet and collaborate with artisans, choosing to be involved in the entire process from design to manufacturing to the photoshoots.