Putting Good into the Universe We here at Talis Elements are passionate about giving back to the community and providing customers with an ethically produced, socially responsible product. Because of this, we’ve aligned ourselves with a variety of social causes that are very near and dear to us, both in conjunction with jewelry sales and through the contribution of our personal time. By remaining true to our core values, we’re able to show up to work each day with integrity. We can fall asleep at night knowing we’re providing you with an honest, quality product that’s not only packed with meaning, but contributing to the greater good of the world.

Talis Elements regularly champions LGBTQ rights and the fight for gender equality, globally, in addition to supporting outreach programs dealing with human trafficking and women's rights. In addition, Natalie is an avid supporter of entrepreneurship programs in NYC where she resides, personally tutoring and providing not only job training to the less fortunate, but by personally offering rare opportunities for students to actually gain real world experience by working on special projects within her brand. Natalie is currently working on new course offerings, combining fashion, personal expression and business acumen, designed to be shared in universities overseas.