YOUR ODYSSEY – Shop by Intention

Odyssey (or personal journey) symbols highlight all areas of life, as well as power and benefits that an individual is focused on evolving or transforming.

Our jewelry correlates to each of the journeys through symbolic representation and connection to the individual's archetype, becoming a tool that empowers you to focus on each personal evolution and reach your full potential.




Livelihood and Lifestyle: FIRE

Colors: Red, Orange, Pink

Meaning: passion, intention, personal drive & growth, inspiration, soul's quest, truth, fortune




Spirituality and Transformation: SPIRIT (AETHER, STORM or THE 5th ELEMENT)

Colors: White, Purple

Meaning: soul, transformation, energy in motion, career, wanderlust



Relationship and Society: WATER

Colors: Blue, Black 

Meaning: romance, partnership, love, family, friendship, compassion, intuition



Creativity and Learning: AIR

Colors: Yellow, Gray

Meaning: intellect, creativity, communication, self-expression, new ideas



Body and Wellness: EARTH

Colors: Green, Brown

Meaning: security, comfort, stability, physical & mental relaxation, ambition, sensuality