Black Coral Cuff with Amber
Black Coral Cuff with Amber

Black Coral Cuff with Amber

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It takes black coral over 50 years to mature, turning any jewelry from this rare and exquisite gemstone into an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind artwork.

This piece of black coral was not harvested but instead found by an artisan on the dune near the ocean. Lacquered to preserve the color and durability of the coral, this bracelet is accentuated with golden amber and silver elements, turning this into a statement bracelet that can be worn as an armband.

Due to the balanced combination of two gemstones - black coral and amber, this bracelet is a perfect example of Duality concept. It combines Water and Fire elements, which often described as both complementary and opposite, a natural example of Yin (Water) - Yang (Fire). 

Symbolic Significance: Relationship and Society, Livelihood and Lifestyle

Element: Water, Fire